Want to know if the NLP Practitioner Course is for you?

What will I gain by studying the NLP Practitioner Course?

*NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a powerful method of seeing the world, gaining momentum worldwide.

*The course takes place in Jerusalem, in English.

*Learn to move from your present mindset to a more desired one, creating a change in the way that you and your clients perceive the world, and ultimately, how we function within it.

*Gain certification to help others make profound changes.


NLP combines a goal-orientated approach with a deep understanding of the inner workings of your mind. On completion of the course requirements, you will make a change in your own perception,  as well as having the tools available to work professionally in the field.

Who is the course aimed at?

*Mental Health Practitioners - psychologists, social workers, health care practitioners and life coaches, who are looking to incorporate powerful techniques to their toolbox.

*Individuals looking for an opportunity for to embark on a fullfiling therapeutic career. 

*Acceptance to the course is dependant on an personal interview, and only suitable candidates will be accepted to the programme.

How will the course prepare me for working with paying clients?

*Learning takes place in an intimate setting, combining frontal & experiential learning.

*You will meet with three clients for ten sessions each. After each session, you will  submit a therapeutic session summary, which will be a basis for personal feedback, helping you to continue progressing with your clients.

*On completion of the course, Mental Health Care Practitioners and Life Coaches can begin incorporating the techniques into their practice. If you do not have any prior therapeutic experience, you will be encouraged to study the NLP Master Practitioner Course.

What will I learn?

The NLP Practitioner Course is a step by step course helping you gain a deep understanding of the human mind.

Topics include:

Sensory acuity - Become aware of your senses, heightening your awareness of your own reactions as well as those around you.

Representational Systems - Learn to diagnose your own  - and your clients - preferred method of communication.

Submodalities - Learn a unique technique to change your client's perspective on their memories.

Goal Setting - Set realistic goals with your client, empowering them to reach their potential.

Rapport - Connect with your clients using body language and specific language.

Anchor positive feelings, and help your clients use them to cope with their personal challenges.

Swish Technique - Help your client change feelings about a specific event or experience.

Inner Child Techniques - Heal trauma and abuse.

Guided Imagery - Help your clients relax and connect to their strengths.

The Language of Tranquility - Learn how to use language to create images to help your clients heal from childhood traumas

Reframe your clients experiences, and move them from victim to victor.

Parts Integration - Help your client let go of unwanted habits.

Time-Line Therapy - Learn how to create a timeline so that your clients can change their perception of their own personal history.

Diagnose which technique is appropriate for the specific needs of your client.

How long is the course?

*25 weekly sessions, on Wednesday mornings from 9am to 1pm. (125 academic hours).

*Completion of 30 individual sessions with clients.   

*Continual supervision and feedback, are offered throughout the course.

How can I incorporate these techniques in my practice?

NLP and Guided Imagery techniques can be applied to different challenges that a client faces. Whether the client lacks clarity, has difficulty establishing trust, or wants to let go of past traumas, these techniques offer a unique approach to creating change. They stand alone as a therapeutic methodoloy, as well as working side by side with other therapeutic modalities.

Is the course certified?

Of course!

On completion of the course, you will have three certifications:

1. NLP Practitioner - Certified by the NLPEA and the Jerusalem NLP Academy.

2. Timeline Therapy (TLT) Level One - Certified by the Jerusalem NLP Academy.

3. Guided Imagery Therapist - Certified by the Jerusalem NLP Academy.

How much does it cost?

 9300 N.I.S. - Available in 7 installments. 

*Receive a  300 N.I.S. early bird discount, even when you pay in installments! 

*There is a 450 N.I.S non-refundable registration fee, deducted from the final cost.

Want to know if the NLP Practitioner Course is for you?

aviva@jerusalemnlpacademy.com   054-803-2427         Katamon,  Jerusalem