Guided Imagery Course for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals

A comprehensive course to learn the basics  of Guided Imagery. This course is suitable for therapists, healthcare professionals, doulas & life coaches.

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What is Guided Imagery?

Guided Imagery is  a powerful tool that helps us to connect with our internal dialogue. Often, we make decisions using our rational mind. Guided Imagery, however, helps us to connect to our intuition and our feelings below the surface. Have you ever noticed that feeling when you just woke up? Still not totally alert, a new idea or insight may come to you. That feeling between sleep and wakefulness occurs when alpha waves are most present . When these waves are dominant, our minds are  open to new ideas, we become more creative and more imaginative. Often we are less defensive, and as therapists/professionals, we can help our clients to make changes in a less threatening way.

Since our mind does not differentiate between what is real and imaginary, in this meditative state, we can begin to focus on our inner needs, helping to make the leap from the imagination to a new reality.

Why learn Guided Imagery?

Guided Imagery is becoming increasingly important, as a means to help clients relax, overcome obstacles to change, and tackle difficult childhood concerns. The technique itself can be used together with other therapeutic tools to create effective change. Guided Imagery can reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress. 

What will I learn?

*What is Guided Imagery.

*The unique therapeutic benefits.

*The "Language of Tranquility"

*The five stages of Guided Imagery.

*How to help clients overcome obstacles to relaxtaion.

*How to use body techniques to facilitate relaxation.

*How to diagnose the appropriate technique to use with your client.

Imagine helping your clients create deep, meaningful change…

Imagine aiding your clients to move from victim to victor…

Imagine helping your clients to heal past hurts….

How can I incorporate these techniques in my practice?

Guided Imagery techniques can be applied to different challenges that a client faces. Whether the client lacks clarity, has difficulty establishing trust, or wants to let go of past traumas, these techniques offer a unique approach to creating change. It stands alone as a therapeutic methodoloy, as well as working side by side with other therapeutic modalities.

What does the course include?

This course, consists of eight academic hours, and will give you the tools to use Guided Imagery in your practice. The course includes Guided Imagery texts, to allow you access to specific texts for dealing with certain challenges.

Participants will become members of a closed FB group, where they will be able to ask additional questions, outside the course hours, as they become more familiar with the techniques. Following the course, additional Guided Imagery texts will be updated regularly.

Additionally, each participant will have the unique benefit of being able to enjoy a private individual session, working on a personal challenge, using Guided Imagery. This will allow you to experience first hand the therapeutic benefits of Guided Imagery.

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