Want to know if the NLP Master Practitioner Course is for you?

Why study the NLP Master Practitioner Course?

The NLP Master Practitioner Course allows students to learn advanced NLP techniques to help their clients make profound changes. It gives NLP students the edge over their NLP Practitioner counterparts and sets them apart as experts in their field. Learn how to choose the right technique to meet the client's needs and to feel comfortable applying them.

Who is the course aimed for?

The course is aimed for graduates of a Certified NLP Practitioner Course.

Acceptance to the course is dependant on an personal interview, and only suitable candidates will be accepted to the programme. Candidates who have NLP Practitioner Course Certification from other schools, are required to present their NLP Practitioner Certificate. In addition, they may need to complete the Guided Imagery Course, if they have no prior Guided Imagery background

What are the course requirements?

Courses take place in an intimate setting, which combines both frontal and experiential learning. In addition, each student is required to meet with three individual clients and to complete 30 reports on these sessions. During the course, each student will be expected to present a case study and show how they used NLP and Guided Imagery techniques to help their client reach their goal.

What will I learn?

The course covers a wide-range of techniques, and you will learn how to diagnose which technique is appropriate for the specific needs of your client. You will learn how to apply strategies to help increase motivation in your client, help them change limiting beliefs that are holding them back from achieving their goals, as well as learn advanced language techniques such as the Milton and Mega models of language application.

How long is the course?

The Certified NLP Master Practitioner course is a comprehensive course which takes place once a week for four hours. There are twenty-four sessions - in total, 120 academic hours. In addition, each student is expected to complete 30 individual sessions with clients and write up a therapeutic session summary for each session.  Each student will be expected to present a Case Study and show how they used NLP and Guided Imagery techniques to facilitate change in their clients. Throughout the course, continual supervision and feedback are given to the students.

Is the course certified?

The course is Certified by the NLPEA - an international NLP body. Students will receive a NLP Master Practitioner Certificate on completion of both the course and the various assignments. In addition, each student will receive certification as a Guided Imagery Therapist and a Timeline Therapist (TLT).

How much does it cost?

 The course costs 7500 N.I.S. Early bird discounts are available for students wishing to register early. Students wishing to pay in installments can do so over 6 months - (6*1300 N.I.S.)

Please note that the early bird discount is also applicable for students paying in installments. 

As noted, students who qualified as NLP Practitioner's from other colleges, may need to complete a Guided Imagery Course, and be given additional help so that their knowledge will be on a par with other students. These studies will cost an additional 1000 N.I.S.

Want to know if the NLP Master Practitioner Course is for you?

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