The NLP Practitioner Course combines NLP excellence with Guided Imagery insight for a successful therapeutic career!

Have you always dreamed of helping others make profound changes in their lives? If so, the NLP Certified Practitioner Course may be exactly what you are looking for! Combining NLP with Guided Imagery, this is the ONLY Certified NLP Course in English, taking place in Israel. NLP, called the science of success, helps clients function at peak performance. Learn how to be the facilitator of this change! Discover the language of success and help your clients achieve long-lasting change.

NLP Practitioner Course

This course qualifies you as a Certified NLP Practitioner. Start the journey to helping others achieve their goals

NLP Master Practitioner Course

Are you a Certified NLP Practitioner and interested in taking your knowledge to the next level?

Guided Imagery Course

Discover the power of the imagination, and how it can help your clients heal from past hurts.

"This is a phenomenal summary by a gifted lecturer. She gives a good over-view and a really good taste to whet your appetite."

— Naomi Lyn Bear, 3D Therapist

All NLP Courses are Certified by the NLPEA International Board.   054-803-2427         Katamon,  Jerusalem